Walk alongside fundraising counsel

In an industry not known for innovation, MCR West brings a fresh look at charitable fundraising.

Clients come to us looking to solve their frustrations.

Their stories have a thread running through them…

  • “Now what do we do? We are doing exactly what we were doing 5 years ago? We aren’t prepared for all the changes happening in the philanthropic world”.
  • “New channel marketing, brand equity, integrated fundraising. Are we missing out?”
  • We’re doing okay I guess, but our COF (Cost of Fundraising) is going up”.
  • “We know were missing out on major gifts…even our major gift staff are asking for a system that works today”.
  • What about the Millennials. Just exactly do they want??“
  • “All this talk about the $2 Trillion generational exchange of wealth. We’re not seeing much of it. Why?”

“HELP!” (we hear that a lot)


Solutions for today and tomorrow

Well, first there are no magic wands. We banned them at our office several years ago.

It takes… 

….effort and time.

MCR West provides you with a host of tools to make changes that positively affect your revenues. Nothing ‘out of a box’.

Each one is customized to your situation. Then you’re able to change with the times.

For the times, they are a-changing.


Iterative Negotiation (IN) training workshops

Success is through teamwork, so we train in teams, then coach team members.

What does Hostage negotiation have to do with Major Gift asks? As it turns out…a lot.

Maybe Yes, maybe No? Are you and your team tired of submitting major gift proposals and grants, then wondering and waiting for an answer –like forever?

What if you could get a YES before you actually submit your request? Iterative Negotiation (IN) is a new way to radically increase your chances of actually getting a major gift by inviting the prospective donor into the process as a co-negotiator rather than a spectator or proponent.

In a nut shell…you negotiate a gift by first researching the donor’s assumptions vs. just researching their giving profile then doing an ask. What IN teaches is, to create an atmosphere of ”negotiating from the same side of the table’.

Using the IN technique means an increased chance of getting to a ‘yes’ and less chance of decision delays.

Client Strategysm

SnapShot studies for Responsive Strategy

A reasonable cost approach to gathering a whole lot of intel about your organization. It’s a 360 degree look at you

Brand and brand equity Nope, not what you think your brand is, but what your stakeholders actually believe it is. Be prepared for surprises.

Stewardship How well you take care of donors and interest holders –first hand information from them. 

Intentions to Support After presenting a strategic direction document, we ask your donors and interest holders what they think of it and how will they get behind you in a significant way.

Road mapping After sifting through the findings, MCR West works with you to create a strategic road map for your fundraising efforts.

Securing more Transformational and Major gifts will feature largely in the recommendations as well as new channel marketing.

Walk alongside help For a negotiated time, we will help you to do the hard work of implementing the plan.

A Binder for your shelf? No, no no. We avoid the binder on the shelf syndrome at all costs.

A workable plan is more in the heart, head, and culture of your organization –that’s where we’re headed.

Beyond the Boxsm

Strawtegic planning

We bet you thought we forgot to turn on the spell check function. Right? Naw. We meant to spell it that way.

We get lots of requests to come in and facilitate a strategic planning session. But we always say “Sorry, we’re busy that Saturday”. That’s because the old one-day strategic planning model is simply  not effective in our view.

Strawtegic planning is a highly effective way to get the whole organization talking and living a development culture.  We literally pull people out of their silos and place them into day-to-day of funds development. It’s a critical step before strategic planning.

Strategic planning takes time. Not a day. See our Snapshot studies.



We are a funds development agency and not really a consulting firm.

We already know that we do not have all that you need.

So we have gathered the most talented development strategists, major gift coaches, researchers, trainers, campaign directors, designers, writers, integrated direct response leaders, new channel marketers, talent acquisition practitioners, and planned giving specialists.

We’ve searched the market and over 25 years have developed a network of the best in the business.

No more shopping Our network becomes your network.

How we walk alongside you…let’s find out

Let’s connect !

Let’s connect. It’s just a conversation. But the result could radically change your organization